23andMe Class Action in the News

News outlets all over the country are picking up the story about our class action against 23andMe. I spent some time on the phone with Matt Perrone, the reporter for the Associated Press who covers the FDA and related health issues, and his story on the lawsuit was picked up off the wire all over. Gave a quote to the Wall Street Journal, too.

ABC NewsGigaom, Forbes, and Time ran stories on our lawsuit. I also talked to David Wagner from KPBS here in San Diego in my office and that should be out this evening with video.

I'm also hearing from doctors all over the country who are telling me stories about patients with problems stemming from faulty 23andMe results. They agree with our allegations that there is no benefit to the consumer from having your DNA sequenced by this company.

We'd love to hear your story, too, so please be in touch.