23andMe update

A few weeks ago, we filed an amended complaint to add in some of the dozens of people who've been in touch with us since news of our lawsuit hit the wires. Thanks to everyone who reached out to us and shared their experiences and stories. It helps us understand more fully the true breadth of the issues.

Here's a copy of the First Amended Complaint. Several of the stories we heard were quite moving -- including families who spent hundreds of dollars that they really couldn't afford, hoping to get some insight into their genetic history. Genetic testing remains quite expensive and is often not covered by health insurance unless there's a serious need. For people who are curious or want to know more, there aren't many good options.

23andMe's Personal Genome Service seemed very attractive, but as the FDA noted it's not based on any clinical validation or research. As one doctor told me, 23andMe is known as the "Fisher Price of the testing industry" -- a nice toy, but nothing more than that.

We'll have more updates soon, so keep watching this space.