Ocwen Sued by the Ankcorn Law Firm

The Ankcorn Law Firm has filed a class action lawsuit against Ocwen Loan Servicing for violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and the federal Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. The case is pending in federal court in Chicago as Snyder v. Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC, Case No. 1:14-cv-8461.

The allegations stem from Ocwen's attempts in 2014 to collect a home equity line of credit after a foreclosure sale back in late 2007. Nevada law requires a creditor to obtain a deficiency judgment from a court after an evidentiary hearing in order to pursue unpaid debts after a foreclosure. Neither Ocwen nor its predecessors did that, yet Ocwen used a robo-dialer to make repeated calls to our client demanding nearly $200,000 from him based on the debt. It was also well after the six-year statute of limitations had long expired, but Ocwen didn't tell our client that when it started collections.

This isn't the first complaint we've heard about Ocwen and we hope anyone reading this who has had a similar experience gets in touch to tell us their story. The full page about the lawsuit is here.