Civil Rights Class Action Filed to Stop Warrantless Removals

When she was three days old, our client A.A. was taken from her mother's arms by a social worker employed by the Riverside County Department of Public Social Services, without a warrant and with no justification. She and her mother were in the hospital at the time, recovering from the delivery, and were both perfectly healthy. Her mother has no history of drug or alcohol abuse, nor psychiatric issues.

Our firm filed the first of its kind class action to put a stop to this unconstitutional and deeply troubling practice. We've learned that DPSS, like many agencies, only rarely seeks a warrant before removing children from their parents. Thousands of children have had their lives changed forever, but the Ankcorn Law Firm together with our co-counsel at the Law Offices of Shawn McMillan, have filed a federal class action to end this abuse.

The lawsuit is a rare class-versus-class case, where we seek to certify not only a class of plaintiffs (children who were unconstitutionally seized without a warrant) but also a class of defendants -- social workers who perpetrated, supervised, and covered up the violations. We're also suing the County for creating a culture where these rampant, shockingly-clear abuses go unchecked. A copy of the complaint can be found here.

If you or anyone you know has suffered a similar removal or had their children removed without a warrant in Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, or San Bernardino counties, please let us know.