23andMe Purchase-Only Customers

The Ankcorn Law Firm is actively investigating consumers who only purchased the Personal Genome Service from 23andMe, but never went through with setting up a user account or sent in a biological sample. We've heard from many people all over the country (actually, all over the world) who are furious at the claims made by 23andMe about the PGS — that it could help you find out your sensitivity to prescription drugs, that it could help you learn about your susceptibility to more than 240 different diseases and conditions.

Turns out, the company had zero clinical support for any of these claims.

Because of a quirk of how the company set up its website, there are likely thousands of people who purchased the product but never agreed to the company's draconian "Terms of Service" including its horribly one-sided arbitration clause.

If you're one of these people, we'd love to hear from you. Please contact us or call our office at 619-870-0600 to tell us your story. You may be able to help thousands of consumers all over the world get a refund for their product.