Big Business Pressures FCC to Loosen Robo-Call Rules

This important piece from Alison Frankel for Reuters shows the huge pressure brought by the Chamber of Commerce and other big businesses on the FCC to weaken consumer protection. Industry has been lobbying fiercely to achieve at the agency level what they failed at in Congress: take the teeth out of the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

Back in 2011, the Chamber lobbied for and was successful at getting a bill introduced in Congress that would create a massive loophole in the TCPA and exempt literally billions of robocalls from the statue's coverage. Thankfully, the bill failed after all 50 Attorneys General in the United States along with other consumer protection groups fought against it.

But now they're back with dozens of petitions to the FCC to "clarify" the regulations under the TCPA and wiggle out of liability. Here's a thought: stop making calls to cell phones! The FTC says they get more than 200,000 complaints per month from people about unwanted calls. Clearly, there's a problem and it's not just people who owe money. Wrong number calls go on and on and unless you can prove to the satisfaction of some underpaid call center staffer that you're not Juan Smith or Tara Ramirez or whomever they're chasing, the calls with keep coming.

Let's fight back against corporate lobbying. Go to the FCC website and let them know that you're sick of these calls. Here's the link to the complaint form and select "file a complaint" under the telephone icon. Make your voice heard. Believe me, it is effective. If enough of us step up, Big Business doesn't have a chance.