FCC Comes Through for Consumers

The final order was published today clearing the decks of a bunch of petitions at the FCC, something like two dozen. It's a remarkably pro-consumer ruling on a variety of robocall issues and you can read the whole thing here.

The broader context is that big business has been losing, badly, when sued by consumers who are sick and tired of being hammered with robocalls. Instead of changing their habits, Big Business hires lawyers to lobby the FCC for a rules change -- after trying and failing to convince Congress to change the law. It's not a great strategy; the FCC has been pretty good about protecting consumers and has been faithful to the spirit of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. This latest ruling is a big forward step in that direction too.

It's like Lee Iococca used to say about the Clean Air Act and the EPA: "When Congress changed the rules in the '70s, the Japanese hired engineers to figure out how to comply with the rules. Detroit hired lawyers to figure out how to evade the rules. The Japanese won."