The Debt Collector Industry Sues the FCC

In what can only be seen as supremely ironic, ACA International -- the trade group and lobbyist for the debt collector industry -- has filed a lawsuit against the FCC, saying that the commission's latest rule making goes too far.

What's ironic is that all of the petitions by ACA and others that were shot down by the FCC all argued that there are too many lawsuits being filed against them. "An explosion of litigation" say the defendants. (The FCC, incidentally, thought their evidence was pretty shaky; see footnote 26 in last week's ruling "These widely varying estimates regarding increases in TCPA litigation are difficult to compare or confirm.") Kind of like a drunk complaining that his car insurance is too expensive after getting hit with another DUI. I dunno, maybe stop drinking so much?

So of course the solution to too much litigation is ... wait for it ... to file another lawsuit.