Update on the Chase Robocall Settlement

I've had a number of calls recently about the Gehrich v. Chase Bank robocall settlement and thought it would be good to put down a few more details about where we are in that litigation.

We settled in 2013 and it took far longer than anyone anticipated to get both the confirmatory discovery (proving that what Chase said in settlement was true) and to get court approval for the deal. But Judge Feinerman in Chicago did give his approval, by an order issued March 2, 2016.

The only remaining issue at the trial court level is fees for the lawyers representing an objector, Tamiqueca J. Johnson D'Oyley, who lives in South Florida. Her lawyers think that they are entitled to $285,000.00 for attorneys' fees and another $9,216.53 in costs for urging the judge to do something that by his comments in open court at the final fairness hearing he indicated he was already going to do in the first place: re-allocate $950,000 from the Alert Call Subclass to the Collection Call Subclass.

We, the court-appointed attorneys for the class members, have opposed this motion for fees and we hope Judge Feinerman will rule on it shortly.

In the meantime, three other objectors -- David Schlagel, Kristina Lopez, and Steve Purghan -- have filed an appeal of the final approval order which overruled their objections to the settlement. We have no timeline on how the appeal will progress, but for now no money can be sent to class members until the final objections are ruled on and put to bed (or withdrawn voluntarily).

Please keep an eye on the settlement website for details and additional documents.